Interior & Exterior Painting Experts

When it comes to painting the interior or exterior of your home, leave it to the experts. KV Home Improvement has a dependable & experienced team of painting contractors to give your home a whole new look and feel. Not only will your paint job be done efficiently, but we also guarantee it to be clean, professional, and simple.

  • Old paint removal
  • Full surface preparation (puttying, caulking, filling holes and repairing cracks)
  • All home furnishings and flooring protected from splatter & dust
  • Thorough clean up after every paint job

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or interior of your home can make a dramatic difference when it is completed by our experienced team. Whether you just want to spruce up an exterior that is looking worn or want to give the rooms inside your home a makeover, our residential painting service will provide the highest quality results for your home improvement project.

At KV Home Improvement, we believe that our clients come first and we make it our mission to provide the highest level of service in our industry. If you are looking for a painting company that will complete high-quality painting services on-time and within your budget, call us to receive a free quote for your next residential painting project.

Why You Should Be Working With Us?

  • We always confirm.

We stay in constant communication with our clients. The end result? Beautiful projects and relationships.

  • We paint lives, not houses.

    Our work goes beyond color chips and paintbrushes. We create a space that you'll love to call home.

  • We check-in.

    We will stay in touch every step of the way — from the first consultation until the finished product.

  • We respect everyone's property.

    Your home, property and furniture are treated as if they were our own. It’s that simple.

  • We arrive on time.

    Your time is important. We will always offer superior services that meet your schedule - and your budget.

Most Asked Question.

The answer to this questions could go on for pages, but we will try to keep it simple. The first thing to consider is lighting. A poorly lit room will appear brighter, bigger, and more open when painted a light paint color. Larger rooms can be made to feel a little more cozy when painted a darker paint color. Small rooms will have a more dramatic feel when painted darker colors. Paint colors really have a lot to do with the mood you want to evoke in a room as well as your personal style.

Even if you feel determined that you have chosen the right color, it is worth your time and money to buy a sample and test it out in your room. Paint colors can look drastically different in your home than they will in the paint store or online. Rather than painting small patches all over your room, paint poster board with your chosen colors and tape it to your wall. You can move the poster board around the room in order to see how your color acts in different lighting situations.

When your home’s exterior paint starts to fade is the best time to repaint. A typical paint job should last 5 to 10 years with many external contributing factors, varying the painting time frame. Depending on where you live, the climate, humidity, and weather conditions also effect the duration of your home paint job. More advanced signs of needing to paint are small cracks, flaking paint, and peeling paint. If left untreated this could lead to more serious problems with your home’s painted exterior where wood could become damaged and then other more serious repairs will be needed. You can always consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s exterior painting needs.

It is time to repaint, depending on the severity of the peeling paint and cracking paint. The longer paint is left to peel and crack the more chances the unpainted wood may deteriorate and need replaced. Most damage is hidden from view behind the lose paint and continues to worsen with the length of time it is left untreated. You should consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s exterior painting needs.