Framing and Drywall Services

Rearranging walls can change the look, feel, and function of any space. When you are ready to take away old walls or put in new ones, call KV Home Improvement. We have a special team trained and experienced in working with framing and drywall. Whether you have or want galvanized steel framing for a new room or want to level a wall or ceiling, we are prepared for the job, and we can replace water-damaged or flawed drywall seamlessly.

Newly installed or repaired drywall restores a room to an inviting space for living, entertaining and working. When it comes to drywall, we’ve done it all, including installing moisture resistant drywall and concrete board. We take our time to protect your floors and hallways before any work begins or we even bring materials and tools inside. We stand behind our work with a warranty, too.

Framing and Sheetrock Services

  • New wall construction

  • Drywall installation

  • Sheetrock installation

  • Metal framing

  • Wood framing

  • Drywall framing

  • Heavy gauge framing

  • J Bead Installation

  • Drywall taping

  • Seam taping, plastering, sanding

  • Purple board Installation

  • Green board Installation

  • Concrete board Installation

  • Drywall hanging

  • Drywall remodeling

  • Drywall removal

Most Asked Question.

Yes, we schedule free estimates in any of the areas we service. To get started, you can call us or fill out the contact form today.

Absolutely! We can assist in recommendations and maybe give you some options that you may not have thought were possible.

Several factors determine the price of your drywall project, including the size of the area, ceiling height, job location and accessibility, whether you need patches or tie-ins to existing drywall/plaster, existence of archways, specialty windows, niches, etc.

It’s best for all decision-makers to be present at the time of the on-site visit. If not, make sure you discuss all work together ahead of time.We recommend that you:

  • Make a list of all the work you want done for each room or on the exterior of your home.
  • Choose colors and / or finishes.
  • Understand your project budget. We will customize the work to meet your specific budget.
  • Please allow for approximately one hour for the on-site visit.